Follow-Up Annual Meeting

This is our second attempt to make quorum to conduct business and hold elections for board members. We did NOT meet quorum at our Annual meeting in March and are required to hold an additional meeting. We will need 63 households present or proxies collected for this business to be done. The meeting will be held on Wednesday May 8th at 7pm at the Sauced Wings restaurant in Allen.

In an effort to conduct business, we would like at least 1 voting member of each household to attend or send their proxy. IF you sent your proxy already for the first meeting, you do not need to do it again. If you did not attend or did not send a proxy, then we need for you to do so using the button below.

This is not a party event and space is limited to voting members only.

Register NOW!

At this website you should be able to find just about anything you need to know about our wonderful community. We have a board of 5 volunteers who run the business end of our HOA and you can find more about them and their responsibilities on the Directors page. The purpose of this web site is primarily to communicate to residents the information and forms they need to live successfully at The Villages At Maxwell Creek.

Please remember the HOA Board members are volunteer managers of the HOA and will respond as fast as possible.

Pay Annual Dues

Please include your property address with payment
Mail a Check
$230 + $65 late fee
Send payment to PO Box 2354, Allen, TX 75013
Bank Transfer
$230 + $65 late fee
Send payment to ""
$230 + $65 late fee + $9.12 Paypal fee
WARNING! Do not fall prey to phishing scams through email claiming to be the HOA. Do not send a payment to anyone except the address listed on the Contact page or by one of the online options above.

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